14 month review of IwStack.com – the real cloud service.


Around 14 months ago, I did made a huge decision, I canceled all my Prometeus  servers that I have had for 1.5 years, and moved my servers to iwStack.com. Of course, iwStack is a part of Prometeus, so I did not change host completely, but I changed from normal KVM servers to cloud servers.

As most LET/LEB readers and WHT members already know, Prometeus.com is known to be one of the best host out there, with no bad reviews at all the last years, and thats impressive, especially in the LEB marked. But of course, the LEB marked is only a small part of Prometeus.

Everybody talks about cloud service, and we have huge companies like Digital Ocean and Linode, and newer companies like Vultr.com. But there is a difference between all of them and IwStack.com, and the difference is that IwStack.com offers REAL cloud service.

More about this later on. Here is my review of IwStack.com after 14 months of service.

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Prometeus.com has always had really good hardware, with  good price policy. And there is no difference with iwStack.com. They have managed to create a really good IaaS KVM cloud system, a real cloud (not like DO) with High Availability, Fail-Over, Live migration, Snapshots, Own ISO and Templates, Isolated Network, External Firewall with GUI, Hourly billing and Variable size. When you sign up for iwStack.com you have to pay €30, that you can use in full on the cloud service. The reason for the entrance fee, is to stop abusers. Since you can create lots of VPS servers (at least 20) when you first get access, they have to protect the service from abusers, looking for free/very cheap servers.

iwStack.com has some really good prices, when they launched their service back in 2013, nobody could beat them on price. Not for a real cloud service. Still, I don’t know about any cheaper real cloud service in Europe, but there is so many now, so maybe. Still you only pay for what you use, per hour. You always pay for disk and IP, but if you turn off your server, you don’t pay for RAM and CPU. Most other cloud service charge you for all the resources when the VM is turned off, but not IwStack.com

They have now added more locations to the cloud. You can create KVM servers in Milano, Italy and Dallas, USA and you can add XEN servers in their second Milano DC.

The prices starts at €2.16/mo for a 512 MB RAM instance, then you have to add €0.72/mo per 10 GB of system disk you need.You can add instances from 512 MB RAM to 16 GB RAM. They have a really good price calculator that shows you how much your setup will cost.



You can easily create (and destroy) new instances in the control panel. (cloudstack) (see my guide here), but they have also added many of the features in their client portal.




We are talking about Prometeus here, so of course, the service is good. They are unmanaged, so you can’t expect any other support then hardware/network failures, but if they have time, they can help you with allot. But don’t demand it, then you have to go with a managed host (and pay lots more).

Still, in my opinion the service has gone down little since the start. Maybe because they have lots more customers, or because “Uncle Sal” is not so active as he was. I don’t know. Before IwStack was a clear 10/10 host, but now, not a 10 or a 9.

They have also had some trouble with their cloud. And stuff I was told before I sign up would never happen on their cloud service (downtime etc) did happen more the one time. They had a big issue with HA (High availability) that shutdown all the servers, and they did not come on before after some hours. Then the next day or so, they had the same issue, or part of the same issue, and I got more downtime.

I also have to say that it takes very long time to start up a instance or shutdown. Maybe it has something with them being a real cloud service, but when you have to wait 5-10 minutes to start an instance, then it’s no fun. This issue have been there since the start.


This is on their highest plan (16 GB) and the result is good. But on their smaller instances, the result is not so good. Around 1500 on a 4 vcore instance with 2 GB RAM:060214iwstack4


IwStack is not using any SSD or SSD-cached disk, but they are using a Hitachi HUS 150 SAN. As you can see I get a average speed of 450 MB/s.


On my 1.5 years with Prometeus before I changed to IwStack, I had almost 100% uptime on all servers. They had a little issue, and then I was told that it would never happen on IwStack. Still, the last 12 month I have just 99.90% uptime on my three IwStack servers.

Not bad, but not 99.99% either.


Despide the small issues I have had, I still think IwStack.com gives you lots for your money. And you can setup really complex setups there if you need to, with failover, firewall, HA etc etc. They have expanded to the US and added a second DC in Milano with XEN servers.

IwStack.com offers real cloud, and if you don’t know what real cloud service is after reading this review, you don’t need it. The people that know what it is, they are the customers that should take a extra look at IwStack.com

After 14 months of service, I can’t give them 10 of 10 points more. I have to give them 8 of 10. I will also take a break from them (as some maybe have seen, all my servers is off just now). I still have almost €200 in credit, so I will use them again, but for now, I will try out my own dedicated server, and see how that goes.

This is my honest review of one of my favorite hosts out there.

If you want to support my site, please use my affiliate link if you have plans to sign up at IwStack.com: https://www.prometeus.net/billing/aff.php?aff=168

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150 days with Prometeus.com

The 5.December was the 150 day with Prometeus.com. And it has been great. In fact, it could not be any better. My three VPS servers has been up since I got them. ** The first VPS has been up for 153 days today, my second VPS 150 days and my third VPS 140 days.

** Or, I had a DDoS attack on one of my servers after around 10 days, and it was turned off. After that day it has been up.

I have two monitoring services that monitors all my VPS servers every 60 seconds, and there has been no downtime at all on the network.

When I wrote my 90 days review I had three servers with Prometeus.com, and I still has three servers. All has 6 months payments on them, and I do not worry at all.

I have had some unusual request to Mr. Salvatore about payments options, renewing etc, and I always get a fast reply, and they always gives me a good answerer and solutions. I’m sure that I’m one of the first asking to pay for two servers almost two months ahead of the expiration date.

Prometeus.com is not on my Top20 Benchmark list, but thats not a problem. In my book good servers has very good uptime, just works, and do not require any attention from my side. And it’s always good to know that you get a good and pretty fast reply if you contact support. Still, I know they are unmanaged, so I understand if I don’t get a reply after 10 minutes.

Nothing else to say about Prometeus.com, still 9 of 10 points in my book.

90 days with Prometeus

It’s now 90 days since I switched my main VPS over to Prometeus.com. Since my first impression review and my 43 day review, there is nothing new that has happened. I have reduced my servers from 4 to three, because I did not need the last server that I only was using for testing. But I have changed my last server from month to month payment over to 6 months payment. It’s a huge peace in the mind that I know all my servers just works and that there is no issues.

I have 100% uptime on all three servers the last 47 days, in fact I have 100% uptime since my first impression review.

No reason to contact support, no reason what so ever to contact them. It’s really nice when things only works, and you don’t have to use any time on problems.

So keep up the good work Mr. Salvatore and Prometeus.com

They still keep their 9 of 10 points in my book.

Benchmark – geekstorage.com – Xen 2048 Promo

Here is my benchmark test of my Xen 2048 Promo plan at geekstorage.com. Thank geekstorage.com for providing me with this VPS.

Server location: Chicago, USA
*Xen 2048 Promo* – $80 / mo
Plan info: XEN/Cloud – 4 GB RAM, 80 GB , 3200 GB BW
Disk info: Seagate Cheetah® 15K SAS HDD’s

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Server location: SmartDC, Netherlands
Hatch-VPS 1GBIT NL #4 plan – $150/mo
Plan info: cloud/XEN –3 GB DDR3 RAM, 300 GB SSD HDD (SAN), unmetered BW.
Disk info: SSD SAN

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Here is my benchmark test of myHatch-VPS 1GBIT NL #2 plan at  hosthatch.com

VPS27 –True cloud setup with OnApp and XEN with hypervisor failover and high availability

Server location: Netherlands
Plan info: cloud/XEN –1 GB RAM, 100 GB SSD HDD, unmetered BW.
Disk info: SSD SAN

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