Benchmark – – Hatch-VPS 1GBIT NL #4 plan

I asked to test a higher plan at since my first benchmark was quite low. And they have now optimize their hypervisors, and all of their customers now benefit from this test. Since I wanted to test a bigger plan, they did set me up with their Hatch-VPS 1GBIT NL #4 plan.

Server location: SmartDC, Netherlands
Hatch-VPS 1GBIT NL #4 plan – $150/mo
Plan info: cloud/XEN –3 GB DDR3 RAM, 300 GB SSD HDD (SAN), unmetered BW.
Disk info: SSD SAN

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Benchmark- – Hatch-VPS 1GBIT NL #2 plan

Here is my benchmark test of myHatch-VPS 1GBIT NL #2 plan at

VPS27 –True cloud setup with OnApp and XEN with hypervisor failover and high availability

Server location: Netherlands
Plan info: cloud/XEN –1 GB RAM, 100 GB SSD HDD, unmetered BW.
Disk info: SSD SAN

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