18 month review of Soladrive.com


SolaDrive.com it’s my second fully managed services, and one of the host I normally recommend. I have been using them for over 18 months now. Read more in my review.




SolaDrive.com has really good hardware. They still are number 1 on my Top20 benchmarking list. You get at least a 16 core server (fair share), but they also have 24 cores servers. I’m currently on a Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2620 @ 2.00GHz server
on their UK node using their OpenVZ business plan with 1 GB of RAM and 40 GB RAID-10 HDD.

SolaDrive has three fully managed OpenVZ VPS plan to offer from 1 GB to 4 GB of RAM and three XEN plans, see the above picture for specs and prices. For a fully managed service, their prices is pretty good.

They also offer three locations, Los Angeles, Scranton and the UK.


SolaDrive has excellent service, and are know for it on forums like Webhostingtalk.com. They really takes cares of their customers. They say on their page that support tickets normally is replied on after 10 minutes, but no longer then 60 minutes. I have checked my  last three tickets, and the response time was: 23 minutes, 3 minutes and 4 minutes. Thats a average of 10 minutes, so they don’t lie on their site.




My monitoring services tells me that I have a 99.796% uptime the last 12 months with 1 minute monitors. Most of my downtime has been a result of DDoS attacks on the node or DC. They do promise a uptime of 99.9%, so in this case they have not held their guarantee. 13 hours and 53 minutes of downtime is allot in a year.

Edit: They have changed their UK Data Center around 7 months ago, and after that they have only had 1 hour with downtime. Just wanted you to know that.



The only negative thing about SolaDrive is that they have had allot of downtime on their UK node the last year. (they have later on changed DC, and there has been only one hour downtime since that) But their service is still excellent and their support is really fast. and they have a great product. So I have no problems at all recommending SolaDrive to people needing a fully managed host in the US or in the UK. So I give them four+ stars (of 6) this time.

9 months+ mini review of Prometeus, Urpad.net, SolaDrive and KnownHost.

It’s over 9 months since I based my VPS setup on cheaper VPS hosts. Increasing the numbers of servers, using a good DNS Fail over service, servers in different locations etc etc.

I have gone from two servers (that I paid almost $100/month) to 15 servers that I pay around $600/year for. Thats half the price what I paid for two servers before.

My old servers was fully managed, but still, I had so much problems with the servers that I used lots of time on them, time that I did not like to use on them.

Now I have 15 servers, almost everyone of the unmanaged, still, I have less problems with all my servers now, then I had with only two fully managed servers.

Prometeus.com is the best host I ever have had. They have a really good product. Their uptime on my 4 servers I have with them is 100% the last 6 months. One server that I have had no need to reboot, had a uptime of 268 days yesterday.
All my servers with Prometeus is really fast, their network speeds i great and you could not ask for a better host.
They are unmanaged, but really do help out if you need something.

I’m sure I could have canceled all my other servers and only used Prometeus as my only host without any risk of any problems.

Prometeus.com has all of my main servers.

15.01.2014: Urpad.net is not one of my favorite hosts any more. They was sold, and all went downhill, and they closed down all EU servers and moved all to the US.

Urpad.net have one thing Prometeus don’t have: servers in many different locations, both here in Europe and the US.
They have good servers, good network and really good prices. And many locations.

Of course, Urpad.net also have lots of DDoS attacks against their UK node, so I have stopped using that server and taken it out of my DNS Fail Over service. Last week I have had more then 22 hours downtime on that server, and the last 6 months I have had more then 5 days downtime total.

But if I look at my 4 other servers (Iceland x 2, Luxemburg, Florida) I’m really happy. The uptime is great, the network is great, the servers is great.

So in total I’m pretty happy with Urpad.net. But I hope I can move my server from UK to another location soon, for I really hate getting downtime messages.

Urpad.net is my 1. backup host

SolaDrive.com has a great product, fully managed servers for a really good price. But as Urpad.net they also have had lots of problems, most DDoS issues on their UK node.
It has been better, but I still get outages report, and seeing very high load on the server.

So I have taken them out of my DNS Fail Over service, but are using the server as a backup server, that I can put in production within 20 minutes.

My only server with Plesk, my old favorite control panel, is with KnownHost.com.
I have a personal backup server for my online photo album, and some backup files in the US.

The server is really great, fast, good network and no downtime. They do really deliver a good product.
The only drawback for me is that they only offer servers in the US, no I can not use them for any of my customers sites.

30 day review – SolaDrive.com

SolaDrive.com is really one of my favorite hosts. They are fully managed and their hardware is really good. They do care about their customers, and offer a good product to a good price.


SolaDrive offers both OpenVZ and XEN servers in three location (Los Angeles and Scranton, USA) and Kent, UK. They offers three main plans on both OpenVZ and XEN, from 1 GB RAM to 4 GB of RAM.

I use their smallest plan, the OpenVZ Business plan with 1 GB of RAM, 40 GB of HDD (RAID-10 protected), 500 GB BW and a 16 core XEON E5620 @ 2.40GHz CPU.

They have the best server I ever have tested, with a UnixBench score of over 6.000.


SolaDrive.com cares about their customers, and often check up on customers to see if there is anything.

I have only started two tickets my first 30 days. I was going to use SolusVM when I found out that I did not have the logon info. I raised a ticket, and they replied back after 29 minutes. The second ticket was about both of my monitoring services told me that the server was unreachable several times that day. Both reported the outages at the same time. I’m using two different companies to monitor my services, they have different IP ranges, monitors from different locations etc, still they reported the same error.

SolaDrive.com replied back after 42 minutes. They did only tell me that there was nothing wrong with their network or servers. So it had to be an error in both of my monitor services. Not the kind of reply I expected from SolaDrive.com.

Edit 25.08.12:

I got a reply from a Supervisor today, telling me that there was in fact a client on the node that had a DDoS attack against his server. So it was the reason why I got outage reports. Nice to know that two different monitoring services don’t fail at the same time.

Still, there has been no issues before this network issue, and there has been none after.


My one minute monitor is reporting a uptime of: 99.974%, my 5 minute monitor is reporting an uptime of: 99.873%


Read my latest benchmark test of my VPS at SolaDrive.com here…


I was very happy with SolaDrive to my last support ticket. Was not expecting so little understanding for my issue. But my server has been up all the time, and they have good customer service most of the time, so they still are a good host. Was planning to give them 8 of 10 points, but going down to 7/10 because of the network issue I had and their support reply.

Benchmark – SolaDrive.com – OpenVZ Enterprise

Here is my benchmark test of my OpenVZ Enterprise plan at SolaDrive.com, that provided me with this VPS for free. Thank you. And I have to say that they top my Top 20 list just now. They got a UnixBench score of 3.554, 800 points more then the second place. You really get value for your money if you go for a SolaDrive account.

Server location: Maidenhead, UK
*OpenVZ Enterprise* – $65 / mo
Plan info: OpenVZ – 4 GB RAM, 160 GB , 2500 GB BW
Disk info: Raid-10 Diskspace

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