Benchmark – – Atlanta 1024MB plan has got a new location, Atlanta, and I have tested their new location on a 1 GB VPS plan. All I can say is that they really have a good disk setup, with the fastest disk speed I ever have tested, 966 MB/S with DD command. See the complete test here:

Thank you for providing me with this VPS for my test.

Server location: Atlanta, USA
*1024MB VPS* –$15 / mo
Plan info:
OpenVZ – 1024 MB RAM, 15 GB , 2000 GB BW, Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1230 V2
Disk info: SSD RAID10

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Benchmark – – SSD #1 plan

I have tested and their smallest SSD #1 plan in Orlando, Florida. And the result is good.

Thank you for providing me with this VPS for my test.

Server location: Orlando, Florida. USA
*SSD #1* – $7.99 / mo
Plan info: OpenVZ – 128 MB RAM, 5 GB SSD , 500 GB BW
Disk info: SSD – unknown RAID?

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30 day review – is really one of my favorite hosts. They are fully managed and their hardware is really good. They do care about their customers, and offer a good product to a good price.


SolaDrive offers both OpenVZ and XEN servers in three location (Los Angeles and Scranton, USA) and Kent, UK. They offers three main plans on both OpenVZ and XEN, from 1 GB RAM to 4 GB of RAM.

I use their smallest plan, the OpenVZ Business plan with 1 GB of RAM, 40 GB of HDD (RAID-10 protected), 500 GB BW and a 16 core XEON E5620 @ 2.40GHz CPU.

They have the best server I ever have tested, with a UnixBench score of over 6.000.

Service/Support cares about their customers, and often check up on customers to see if there is anything.

I have only started two tickets my first 30 days. I was going to use SolusVM when I found out that I did not have the logon info. I raised a ticket, and they replied back after 29 minutes. The second ticket was about both of my monitoring services told me that the server was unreachable several times that day. Both reported the outages at the same time. I’m using two different companies to monitor my services, they have different IP ranges, monitors from different locations etc, still they reported the same error. replied back after 42 minutes. They did only tell me that there was nothing wrong with their network or servers. So it had to be an error in both of my monitor services. Not the kind of reply I expected from

Edit 25.08.12:

I got a reply from a Supervisor today, telling me that there was in fact a client on the node that had a DDoS attack against his server. So it was the reason why I got outage reports. Nice to know that two different monitoring services don’t fail at the same time.

Still, there has been no issues before this network issue, and there has been none after.


My one minute monitor is reporting a uptime of: 99.974%, my 5 minute monitor is reporting an uptime of: 99.873%


Read my latest benchmark test of my VPS at here…


I was very happy with SolaDrive to my last support ticket. Was not expecting so little understanding for my issue. But my server has been up all the time, and they have good customer service most of the time, so they still are a good host. Was planning to give them 8 of 10 points, but going down to 7/10 because of the network issue I had and their support reply.

50 days with

15.01.2014: is not one of my favorite hosts any more. They was sold, and all went downhill, and they closed down all EU servers and moved all to the US.

Today I have been with for 50 days. And it has been 50 good days with only one outage (the reason was a DDoS attack on the node).

I still have two servers with them, one on Iceland and one in the UK. I use a WHT special on both my plans, so I paying $5.99/mo each for 1 GB RAM, 40 GB HDD, 250/500 GB BW.

What amaze me with is their very fast reply time on support tickets. You forget that you are using an unmanaged plan. They have true 24/7/365 support. And if you use Webhostingtalk, they almost instant reply in threads and on PM. They follow up their customers with mails from time to time, so you feel like an important customer. do not fill up their nodes for so forgetting them and the customers. They are adding new hardware from time to time. Their new servers have got better and better speeds, and now have they also added SSD nodes to their stock. With “insane” disk speeds of 871 MB/s. I have been invited to test their new servers from time to time, and they really take my advice seriously and have done changed to their setup that gains all customers.

I have to add a star in my book, 5 stars but unmanaged. Still, you almost forget that you are using a unmanaged host when you are using

Edit 2014: I have reduced the number of point because they are not the same company that I reviewed back in 2012.

Benchmark – – 1 GB RAM + 10 GB SSD is renewing their servers, and this time they have added SSD disk to their setup. The results, insane disk speeds up to 871 MB/S with DD.

Server location: Dallas, USA
*WHT special* – $6.99 / mo
Plan info: OpenVZ – 1 GB RAM, 10 GB SSD , 750 GB BW, 1 CPU Core, 3.30 GHz
Disk info: (4x Samsung 830 SSD drives in RAID10)

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Benchmark – – OpenVZ VS-4 NL

I have tested several VPS plan from AltusHost the last time, and this is the best result so far. It’s their OpenVZ VS-4 plan in Netherlands.

Thank you for providing me with this VPS for my test.

Server location: Netherlands
*OpenVZ VS-4* – $59.95 / mo
Plan info: OpenVZ – 3 GB RAM, 100 GB , 3000 GB BW
Disk info: Raid-10 Diskspace

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Benchmark – – SPECIAL 1024MB UK new.

Here is my benchmark test of my SPECIAL 1024MB PLAN  at This plan is on their new UK node, with brand new hardware. The server was populated 50% before the test. The score is now almost 3.000 points higher then my first test.

Thank you for providing me with this VPS for free under the tes.

Server location: UK
*SPECIAL 1024MB PLAN* – $8.95/mo
Plan info: OpenVZ – 1 GB RAM, 80GB , 1000 GB BW.
Disk info: RAID10

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30 day review –

Here is my 30 day review of my VM-1024 plan at

Product/hardware/price has five standard fully managed VPS plans, from 512 MB RAM to 2.5 GB RAM. I used their VM-1024 plan with 1 GB of RAM for my test period. They offer only OpenVZ plan just now, but they have announced that they will start offering KVM servers soon. They are using RAID10 disk setup with really good disk speeds. I got 314 MB/s on my DD test.

I tested their L.A node, and I did get a UnixBench score of 1454. It’s not a very high results, but it’s not a very low score either.

Their price is in the higher range for most of my VPS servers. Around $36/mo for my 1 GB plan. For that price I got 1 GB of RAM, 40 GB HDD, 1500 GB BW and 1 x 2.26 Ghz CPU core. It’s also include a Cpanel license.

Service/Support offer fully managed servers (you can get unmanaged also). In their price you get Cpanel/WHM also, and you have to have a control panel if you want their fully managed service.

I did only open one ticket in the period I used their service, and they used 49 minutes to reply on my ticket. That not fast for a fully managed host. Still, since I only opened one ticket, I can’t say what their average support time is.

One good thing is that TmzVPS (user TMZHosting) is very active on, so if you have any issue, I’m sure you can get a reply there. But it’s of course not their official support channel.


My server was up 100% in the time I used it, with 1 minutes monitor service from several location. I have not seen any other problems with their network speeds or other.


Read the latest benchmark of my VPS at here…


If you need a fully managed server in US or in UK with Cpanel and OpenVZ technology, can be the right host for you. They are highly recommended at and if you search their offer section, you may find a good offer also.

They do not have the fastest servers I have tested, but still, solid servers backed up with a solid network.

Benchmark – – Budget VPS – 1 GB – Texas

Here is my benchmark test of my Budget VPS – Linux VPS – 1 GB plan at Thank you for providing me with this VPS for my test.

Server location: Texas, USA
*Budget VPS – Linux VPS – 1 GB* – $5.99 / mo
Plan info: OpenVZ – 1 GB RAM, 40 GB , 500GB  BW
Disk info: RAID

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Benchmark – – Budget VPS – 1 GB – Iceland

Here is my benchmark test of my Budget VPS – Linux VPS – 1 GB plan at Thank you for providing me with this VPS for my test.

Server location: Iceland
*Budget VPS – Linux VPS – 1 GB* – $5.99 / mo
Plan info: OpenVZ – 1 GB RAM, 40 GB , 250GB  BW
Disk info: RAID

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