8 month mini review of backupsy.com


I’m a backup freak, I have backups of the backups etc, and using lots of money, both on my personal backup and on my VPS servers. I got a backup plan from iperweb.com (Prometeus) with 400 GB of storage, but I wanted some more, and a second VPS backup site. 8 months ago I found Backupsy after a promotion on LowEndBox.

I got a 512 MB RAM, 500 GB plan in the US. I was surprised to see how stable the server and network was, despite it low price ($7/mo). Had almost no downtime at all. But since all of my hosting servers are in Europe, the speed was not the best.

In July 2013 I noticed that Backupsy started selling service from the Netherlands. And thats was perfect for me. Netherlands has great speeds to all my EU servers. The price was little higher ($11/mo) but still, a really good deal.

Since July my uptime (1 minute monitor) is 99.986%. Thats great, for a pretty cheap product.

Some benchmark:


I have around 300 GB stored on the server now, so I have room to store more backups and files 😉

I’m really happy with Backupsy, and think it’s impressing that they have 8 locations to choose from now. 6 US location + Netherlands and the UK. Have not tried their UK location yet, since I don’t need another backup server. But I’m sure it as good as their other locations.