Entering cloud hosting – with iwStack.com (Prometeus)


I have finally moved my main sites from “old” KVM based servers to the cloud, and luckily I did not have to leave my favorite VPS provider, Prometeus.

I have used Prometeus.com as my main host for almost 1.5 years now. And I have to say it, they are really good. Their hardware and network is very good and stable, so I have almost had no downtime at all past 1.5 years.



Some days ago I decided to try out Prometeus cloud service, iwStack. And I have to say it, I love it. You get a “pay as you go” account, and can start creating VPS servers, private networks, firewalls, load balancing, snapshots (both manual and automatic) etc etc right away. And you only pay for what you use. They charge for the hour, so if you only use a VPS server for an hour, thats whats you charged for. I really like that I can create new VPS servers within minutes, and using them for whatever I want, then close them down (or destroy) them and not paying for them. And also the option to create a new Linux or Windows VPS at anytime I want, not having to order something a wait for it.


You can get a price estimate using this price calculator…

The price is not to bad, in fact it’s one of the cheapest I have seen. Before I had four KVM servers with Prometeus. 2 x 512 MB (25 GB) servers, 1 x 1 GB (35 GB) server and 1 x 1.5 GB (35 GB) server. The total price without any discount was €30.5/month

With iwStack I have created three servers that do the same. 1 x 512 MB (40 GB), 1 x 1 GB (10 GB) and 1 x 2 GB (20 GB), with a CentOS 6.5 template (20GB), and two snapshots (2x20GB) I pay €0.777600 per day = €23.4 per month. So I save €6.5 per month.

I also have a Windows 2012 R2 server that I only start when I need it, and then stop it again. The only cost on it when it not run is for the storage, and thats €0.057600 per day, thats righ €0.05 per day. When I run it it costs me €0.006000 per hour = €0.144000 per day. (€4.32/month)


The price is not the most important thing for me (but it’s not bad either), the best thing with iwStack is the endless opportunities, the freedom of creating as many VPS servers you like, whenever you wants. And of course, the possible to upgrade (and downgrade) servers as I need. And of course, the fact that you only pay for used resources is really nice.

Iwstack – creating a new VPS in the cloud. (my guide)

I will make a review sometime after 30 days but here some disk and network speeds from one of my cloud KVM servers:



Iwstack – creating a new VPS in the cloud.


I have started using iwStack cloud from Prometeus, and here is how fast you can create a new VPS within your cloud account.


You can select a Template (iwStack templates, or your own) or using .iso files (you can also upload any .iso file you want into the cloud)


I’m using my own CentOS 6.5 32bit template that I have created.


Then you select how much RAM and CPU cores you need, from 384 MB (1 core) to 16 GB. (12 cores)


If you using a Template, it’s has the ROOT disk size fixed. iwStack offer a 10 GB centOS template and a 40 GB template (and many other OS types). My template uses 20 GB primary disk.

If you are using a .iso file, you can select how big the ROOT (primary) disk should be. In this step, you can select if you want a secondary storage disk attached to your server.


Here you can select what network you want your VPS using. iwStack offer both normal networks and a DDoS protected network. You can also create your own private isolated network, with load balancing, firewall, fail over service, and more.


And then you’re new VPS is online within minutes after pressing Launch VM.