12 month review of HostHatch.com


It’s actually more then a year since I saw a good offer on LEB from HostHatch, for a smaller SSD OpenVZ server. I took the offer, and have used the server actively since that.

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HostHatch offers servers in three different locations, LA, USA – Dronten, Netherlands, and Stockholm, Sweden. That will cover most of US, and all locations in Europe. They have really good connections, and their servers function very well.

They have four main product line as you can see over. Their OpenVZ and KVM series has all SSD disks. They have a High storage line if you need to store large backup files, and they have their 10Gbps VPS line (in the Netherlands) for any that need really fast connection out/in from their server.

Their lowest OpenVZ plan starts at $8/quarter and their next plan, with 512 MB RAM, 50 GB disk and 2 TB bandwidth, starts at $4/mo. Their KVM line starts at $5/mo, the same with their storage serie. Their 10Gbit plans is more expencive, starts at $35/mo for the smallest plan (1 GB RAM, 75 GB HDD, 5 TB BW).

They are using Intel Xeon E5 3.5Ghz+ CPUs on their OpenVZ and KVM line. And they are using Intel Xeon E3 on their 10Gbit line. So it’s good hardware, the servers is fast, their network is good, and the uptime is great.


Only used their support twice, and both time I got the first reply (not auto) within 10 minutes. First ticket was solved on under 10 minutes also. The second ticket took little longer to solve.

But my impression is that they have pretty fast support, and they do help you. Of course, remember that this is an unmanaged host, so don’t expect the world and that they always replies within minutes, and solve any issue you have.


This is from their $4/mo 512 MB RAM, 2vCores, 50 GB SSD disk and 2 TB BW. Not a high number on the benchmark, but still, it’s only $4/mo so I did not expect the highest result here.


As you can see the DD speed goes over 580 MB/s, but maybe they are using some cache or something, since the first command only gave 296 MB/s.


I have 99.896% uptime on my first server there the last 12 months. Some of the downtime has been me doing some work on the server. But not a complete 10/10 on the uptime there. Still, very close to 99.9% that is the “standard” in the LET marked.


HostHatch is a solid provider, has been that for over 12 months for me. And it’s a bonus for me that they have a DC in Sweden, since I live in Norway. So I can etc. use the VPS for VPN or to fast upload and download files. For users in Europe, a 10Gbit server can give you really good speeds. (but the price is little to high on the 10Gbit line, but still, it’s 10Gbit connection to the world). I would recommend HostHatch to all LET/LEB members and other users that need cheap, but good servers, in the US, Netherlands or in Sweden.

Please use my affiliate link if you are thinking about signing up, keeps my site running without any ads. https://portal.hosthatch.com/aff.php?aff=204

Benchmark – hosthatch.com – Hatch-VPS 1GBIT NL #4 plan

I asked to test a higher plan at hosthatch.com since my first benchmark was quite low. And they have now optimize their hypervisors, and all of their customers now benefit from this test. Since I wanted to test a bigger plan, they did set me up with their Hatch-VPS 1GBIT NL #4 plan.

Server location: SmartDC, Netherlands
Hatch-VPS 1GBIT NL #4 plan – $150/mo
Plan info: cloud/XEN –3 GB DDR3 RAM, 300 GB SSD HDD (SAN), unmetered BW.
Disk info: SSD SAN

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Benchmark- hosthatch.com – Hatch-VPS 1GBIT NL #2 plan

Here is my benchmark test of myHatch-VPS 1GBIT NL #2 plan at  hosthatch.com

VPS27 –True cloud setup with OnApp and XEN with hypervisor failover and high availability

Server location: Netherlands
Plan info: cloud/XEN –1 GB RAM, 100 GB SSD HDD, unmetered BW.
Disk info: SSD SAN

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