12 month review of Backupsy.com


Almost 12 months ago (27.04.2013) I got my first Backupsy server. They offered a really good deal on a 500 GB disk server in the US. I was really happy, but when they opened at Netherlands DC I moved my files there, the price was little higher, but still the same great service.

Some months ago I got 4 more servers with Backupsy, both in the UK and NL. Here is my review of them



Backupsy have really good prices on their backup line. 250 GB/512 MB/1 TB for $10 and 500 GB/512 MB/2 TB for $20. But they always have coupons out there, so you will get around 30-40% off with their coupons.

They have currently 8 locations to choose from, 6 locations in the US and 2 in the EU. They are using good hardware, and their servers works fast. Backupsy are using Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X5570  @ 2.93GHz on both my NL and UK servers. My oldest server is using a Xeon(R) CPU X5560 CPU.

When i first started to use Backupsy they was a really new company. But within months they had 8 locations, and have got lots of customers. They also gets pretty good reviews/comments on LET/WHT so they must do something right.

One thing you have to check on before you get a Backupsy server, is about other use then Backup. They have some restrictions on most of their locations about not using the server for anything else then backup.


I have some support tickets with them (just a few) and their response time is really good for a unmanaged host. On three tickets i have a average response time of 8 minutes, and thats is really fast support. Can’t complain over that.

Their service is really great. They have been really helpful a couple of times, one time with a really good offer on 4 servers in two locations, and the second time when I needed a temp server to transfer around 300 GB of data off my old server, and then back on it after I had done some work on the server. (added a Truecrypt container for storage).


My Netherlands server:


My UK server:


As you can see I get pretty good disk speeds on both my servers. They are not using SSD disks, and still I get 354 MB/s on my NL server and 259 MB/s on my UK server. Their network speeds is also pretty good. As you can see cachefly speeds is 60 MB/s on my NL server and 45 MB/s on my UK server. And the speeds is great to most locations also.


On my oldest VPS server I have 99.993% uptime with 1 minutes monitors, the server has been up for 277 days. On my “newest” servers I have 100% uptime the last 72 days since I got them.



You can’t go wrong with Backupsy. Their prices is really good, you get allot for your money, they have fast servers, fast network and really good uptime.

They have lots of locations, both in the US and in the EU so you will most likely always find a DC that is close to you. They have a good support department with only 8 minutes average response time (on my three support tickets). And they are active at LET ( @serverian ).

If you need a good backup server, or two, go for Backupsy, you will not regret.


30 day review of VULTR.com


It’s seems like 2014 will be the “cloud” year, more and more cloud providers is coming. VULTR is not a real cloud service, but offer cloud like features, the same way as DigitalOcean do. The difference is that VULTR has more locations (soon coming) and offer better prices on some packages. Here is my review of VULTR so far.



VULTR offer “fake” KVM cloud instances with SSD storage (like DigitalOcean), so you only get some cloud features like hourly billing, quick deployment, many locations etc. VULTR has promised that more features will come the next months.

VULTR has the same plans as DigitalOcean, but the price is little lower on some of the plans., take a look at this pictures to see the plans, price and locations.


As you can see VULTR has plans to offer 12 locations around the world soon, thats three times more locations then DigtalOcean has.

VULTR guarantee more then 3 GHz CPUs on all their plans (except their storage plans in NY), so you get fast CPU power on all servers. They offer SSD storage as standard, but you don’t get Ramnode speeds, more like 3-460 MB/s. Still, can’t complain over that.

Their hardware seems solid, and using CentOS 6.5 and Virtualmin gives me a really good result. The servers (both France and Netherlands) works really fast.

You deploy new servers within minutes  depending on what location you are deploying in. It’s really simple as you can see in the picture over, you only select locations, package, and OS, then your server is online.



Their service seems really good. They have already several good offers, like double your first payment and 2xRAM coupons last weekend. They are active on Twitter and on LET.

I have opened one support ticket in this period, and they used around 30 minutes to reply on it. Not the best, nor the worst reply time for a unmanaged host.


260214vultr005france 260214vultr006ams

Great speeds internal in Europe, and ok speeds to the US from my Netherlands and France server.


I have 100% uptime on my Netherlands server and on my France server the last 30 days.


If you need a host that can offers lots of locations, rapid deployment and hourly billing, take a look at VULTR.com. They also promise to deploy lots of new features soon, that will take them closer to a “real” cloud provider.

They do compete with DigitalOcean, but if they deploy all they say that they will deploy, they actually can give better service then DO.

They offer fast servers, good network speeds, great prices, many locations, hourly payment and more, and I’m recommending them. Of course, the best thing is maybe to wait some times, so they get all their locations online. But if you can live with the current locations, go for them now.

Giving VULTR 7 of 10 points, since they are not offering all features and locations just now. Looking forward to seeing them getting better and better.

Check it out for your self…vultr.com

Benchmark- Prometeus.com – KVM5 plan

Here is my benchmark test of my KVM5 plan at Prometeus.com

VPS19 – KVM – RAID5 – KVM5 plan Server location: Italy.
Plan info: KVM -512 MB RAM, 25 GB RAID5 HDD, 2 TB BW.
Disk info: raid5 with 6 x 600GB SAS2 10K Continue reading

Benchmark – Prometeus.com – BIZ XEN5 plan

Here is my benchmark test of my BIZ XEN5 plan at Prometeus.com

VPS17 – XEN – RAID5 – BIZ XEN5 plan

Server location: Italy.
Plan info: KVM – 512 MB RAM, 20 GB HDD, 2 TB BW.
Disk info: RAID5 with  6 x 300GB SAS 3/Gs disks

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Benchmark – Prometeus.com – KVM7 plan.

Here is my benchmark test of my KVM7 plan at Prometeus.com

VPS18 – KVM – RAID5 – KVM7 plan

Server location: Italy.
Plan info: KVM – 1 GB RAM, 35 GB RAID5 HDD, 3 TB BW.
Disk info: raid5 with 6 x 600GB SAS2 10K

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Benchmark – Prometeus.com – BIZ KS5 Plan

Here is my benchmark test of my BIZ KS5 plan at Prometeus.com

VPS26 – KVM – SSD (BIZ KS5 Plan)

Server location: Italy.
Plan info: KVM – 512 MB RAM, 6 GB SSD HDD, 3 TB BW.
Disk info: SSD disk space

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My first impression review of prometeus.net

I switch over to OpenVZ/KVM/XEN hosting now in July, and after searching on WebhostingTalk.com for some time, I did see Prometeus.net having a good offer. Did not find any bad reviews from them, so I took it as a good sign.

Short info about Prometeus.net:

Started in 1997, and acquired the domain Iperweb.net. They used to have servers all over the world, but has the last 6 years moved all the business over to their self owned network and servers in Milan, Italy.

What to they offer?

Prometeus is offering shared webhosting and VPS hosting. They have OpenVZ, XEN and KVM plans.

My first impression:

I ordered a OpenVZ plan with their WHT offer, 15% of recurring payment. But short after ordering, I found out that I wanted a KVM VPS, and canceled my first VPS. I did not expect any money back, so I got very impressed when Prometeus gave me full refund for the first VPS, without me asking for it.

They had a good offer with 15%, but they give you even greater price if you pay 3, 6 or 12 months in advance. Normally I don’t recommend paying more then an month at the time. But something told me that this was a company I could trust. So I paid for 6 months. I pay €33/6 month for a KVM VPS with 1 GB of guaranteed RAM, 35 GB disk (on raid5 with 6 x 600GB SAS2 10K) and 3000 GB BW per month. Thats €5.5 per month, and thats cheap.

They servers seems rock solid, and I have not seen any high load on the servers yet. They uses a raid5 with 6 x 600GB SAS2 10K setup, thats give you incredible fast “IO” speeds. I now has four VPS with Prometeus, and here is my DD results of all of them:

KVM1 – pm19 node
[root@vps19 ~]# dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=64k count=16k conv=fdatasync
16384+0 records in
16384+0 records out
1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 3.20136 s, 335 MB/s
KVM2 – pm21 node[root@vps18 ~]# dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=64k count=16k conv=fdatasync
16384+0 records in
16384+0 records out
1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 3.63147 s, 296 MB/s
OpenVZ1 – pm22 node[root@vps17 ~]# dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=64k count=16k conv=fdatasync
16384+0 records in
16384+0 records out
1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 2.45688 s, 437 MB/s
KVM with SSD – pm13 node[root@vps26 ~]# dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=64k count=16k conv=fdatasync
16384+0 records in
16384+0 records out
1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 2.55838 s, 420 MB/s


Since I’m new to KVM I have got some issues that I had to ask for help on. Prometeus is a unmanaged host, so I have not expected help, but they have been very friendly and helpful. They reply pretty fast to be a unmanaged host, within 30-60 minutes. And I have got all the help I needed.

DDoS attack

I got my first DDoS attack on one of the servers at Prometeus. I got a outage report from my monitoring service and logon to SolusVM. There my VPS was turned off. I was just opening a ticket when I got a mail from Prometeus, with 4 images of the bandwidth usage of my VPS. Mr. Salvatore told me that it was an ongoing DDoS attack, and the best thing was to have the server turned off for some time. I had no problem with that, since my site was up and running on the backup VPS.

After an hour the attack was over, and I could turn my server back on. My sites had no downtime at all, and the proactive support from Prometeus was very good.

Here is a picture of the bandwidth usage before the attack was stopped, it’s peaked around 550 Mbit/s

Since I have completely decided on what kind of solution I wanted, and how many VPS I needed from Prometeus, I have ordered and canceled a couple of times. And they have always taken care of my payments, using them on the new VPS or full refund.

I think I have completely decided now, and I have 4 VPS with them now. Three is prepaid for 6 months, 1 is month to month payment.

Time will tell if I did make the right decision going from a fully managed server at FutureHosting.com, to unmanaged servers at Prometeus.