My first impression review of

The last months I have tested out OpenVZ hosting (using Virtualmin/Webmin), and I have used a host called VMPort. They were sold to a company called FTNHosting. After they were sold it got the impression that VMPort was not the brand they used any time/resources on.

So I ordered VPS plans at, don’t knowing that they had the same owner as VMPort. Still, has several active people here at WHT, and their sales staff replied fast, so I got a good impression of

They only offer OpenVZ plans, so I ordered one in Iceland, their new location and one in Maidenhead, UK.
I had strange issue when I first ordered. My first VPS did not get active, but my second VPS got active straight away. But after some time I did realize that I had not pressed the Finalize order button. is also very active here at WHT and after a PM my first VPS was online.

Their hardware seems very good and their network also. They have good prices that got even better with their new WHT offer. $5.99/mo for a 1 GB, 40 GB, 500 GB BW plan. I did replace my first two VPS with their new offer, and they were very helpful getting me an open spot on their UK node. It was in fact full, and was not a choice on their order page when I ordered, but they still fixed a place there.

Urpad has also had the fastest reply on a support ticket, only two minutes. Very good time since they are unmanaged.
I have two VPS plans with, one paid month by month and one prepaid for 6 months.

My first impression of Urpad is very good, also after I found out that they have the same owner as VMPort. Very good hardware, good network and very fast support.

Edit 2014:

Have reduced the number of points since they are NOT the same company anymore.