Iwstack – creating a new VPS in the cloud.


I have started using iwStack cloud from Prometeus, and here is how fast you can create a new VPS within your cloud account.


You can select a Template (iwStack templates, or your own) or using .iso files (you can also upload any .iso file you want into the cloud)


I’m using my own CentOS 6.5 32bit template that I have created.


Then you select how much RAM and CPU cores you need, from 384 MB (1 core) to 16 GB. (12 cores)


If you using a Template, it’s has the ROOT disk size fixed. iwStack offer a 10 GB centOS template and a 40 GB template (and many other OS types). My template uses 20 GB primary disk.

If you are using a .iso file, you can select how big the ROOT (primary) disk should be. In this step, you can select if you want a secondary storage disk attached to your server.


Here you can select what network you want your VPS using. iwStack offer both normal networks and a DDoS protected network. You can also create your own private isolated network, with load balancing, firewall, fail over service, and more.


And then you’re new VPS is online within minutes after pressing Launch VM.