18 month review (updated) of Hetzner


18 months ago I decided that I would go away from cloud hosting for my main sites, and some of my backup sites, and got two servers @ Hetzner

WHAT?? are you thinking, but I wanted more control over my servers, and wanted to have more services on fewer hosts and servers.++

I found out about their server bidding, you can get decent servers there for cheap money, and there is no setup fee or contract. I’m using Windows Server 2012 R2 DC on my servers and use Hyper-V to run my VMs.

And this had now worked 100% for the last 18 months.



At Hetzner you can get it all, from several thousand euro per month servers, to €26/mo servers. And since I’m on a low budget I did find their serverbidding site, and found me a couple of good servers.


The servers sold on their serverbidding is mostly 2-3 years old. Core i7 2600/3770/3930 and Xeon E3/E5 is mostly what you find there. The auction works like this, the price drop on different servers at different times, if somebody grab the server before you, the price goes up again, and it will take hours up to days before the price is so good again. I had two servers, a Core i7 2600 with 16 GB RAM and a Core i7 3770 32 GB RAM both with 2 x 3 TB HDDs and 20 TB bandwidth @ 1 Gbps, then 10mbps the rest of the time (if you use up 20 TB with BW) And I paid only €26/mo for each server.

I have changed one server, mostly because people recommended it, but I think I regret it, but still, my setup now is:

  • Server1:
  • XEON E3-1245v2, 32 GB EEC RAM, 2 x 3 TB Enterprise HDD, 20 TB BW, 9 extra IPs. Price: €50/mo
  • Server2:
  • Core i7 2600, 16 GB RAM, 4 x 4 TB HDD, 30 TB BW, 3 extra IPs: Price: €42.00/mo

One good thing since my last review is the Flexi Pack. Before you needed it if you wanted sub nets (IPs) on your server, and it was quite expensive at €12.5 + the price of the subnet. Now you can have sub nets without Flexi Pack.

Another change is that you can have 6 extra IPs (without subnet) with each server. Before you could only have three. The price is still the same €0,84 per IP/mo.

Some times you are lucky with the disks you get. On my i7 3770 server, the disks was brand new when I got the server. On my XEON server my disks is around two years old.

Still, you get allot for your money. If you are lucky to get a server at the right time, you can get a very good price, and lots of disk space etc.


Hetzner are a unmanaged host. They fix network and hardware issues, but that’s it. All other support cost money. Still, I sent in some tickets in the start, just to see if they helped or not, and at the first I got fast and good help, but then they started to say that they only support Network and Hardware, and that you have to pay for all other support.

They also charge you for the most. Like the flexi pack, if you need to boot from a USB, you have ONE hard reset per month, then you have to pay (so don’t turn the server off)

Still, what can you expect from a company that sells you a Core i7 3770 32 GB RAM, 6 TB HDD, and 20 TB BW on 1 Gbps port for €26/mo?

Have not had any hardware issues at all the last 6 months, so I have not tested their real network/hardware support.


I have taken benchmark from one Linux server on each server, both using 4 cores, and 3 GB of RAM and here is the result:

First the Xeon E3-1245v2:


I tested with 8 cores on the server, but since the 4 last core is just threads, the result was only 5.550 points, around 500 points higher.

Then the Core i7 3770, actually this one got a little better result then the XEON.



100% uptime on the network on both Data centers (16 and 19) I have my servers the last 18 months.


I did go from a real cloud service @ Iwstack.com to a dedicated server. Was sure that was a bad idea, but since I have my own fail over service, servers in two different DC, backups on Vultr and a good host like Hetzner, my switch was not so bad. My servers is much faster then the Iwstack system, and I can start, stop, create etc server much faster on my servers then at Iwstack. I can use Hyper-V so I can Live export my servers how often I want, no snapshot that only works in this and that way. Full snapshot, that can be imported back on the same server, or on another server with Hyper-V. Just change the IP, and you are up and running again.

No abuse on the server, just me. The network can be from 200 mbps to 1 gbps. I think that will have something to do with other servers on the same rack using BW.

Still, after 18 months, I don’t regret that I changed from Iwstack to my own dedicated servers. But of course, it cost more money. Before I paid less then I do today, but I have put several of my services in the two servers, saving money here and there. Still, it cost more then the cloud. Since I used so little RAM, HDD and CPU cores.

What do you think? Please comment on LET after I have posted the review there also.

14 month review of IwStack.com – the real cloud service.


Around 14 months ago, I did made a huge decision, I canceled all my Prometeus  servers that I have had for 1.5 years, and moved my servers to iwStack.com. Of course, iwStack is a part of Prometeus, so I did not change host completely, but I changed from normal KVM servers to cloud servers.

As most LET/LEB readers and WHT members already know, Prometeus.com is known to be one of the best host out there, with no bad reviews at all the last years, and thats impressive, especially in the LEB marked. But of course, the LEB marked is only a small part of Prometeus.

Everybody talks about cloud service, and we have huge companies like Digital Ocean and Linode, and newer companies like Vultr.com. But there is a difference between all of them and IwStack.com, and the difference is that IwStack.com offers REAL cloud service.

More about this later on. Here is my review of IwStack.com after 14 months of service.

If you want to support my site, please use my affiliate link if you have plans to sign up at IwStack.com: https://www.prometeus.net/billing/aff.php?aff=168



Prometeus.com has always had really good hardware, with  good price policy. And there is no difference with iwStack.com. They have managed to create a really good IaaS KVM cloud system, a real cloud (not like DO) with High Availability, Fail-Over, Live migration, Snapshots, Own ISO and Templates, Isolated Network, External Firewall with GUI, Hourly billing and Variable size. When you sign up for iwStack.com you have to pay €30, that you can use in full on the cloud service. The reason for the entrance fee, is to stop abusers. Since you can create lots of VPS servers (at least 20) when you first get access, they have to protect the service from abusers, looking for free/very cheap servers.

iwStack.com has some really good prices, when they launched their service back in 2013, nobody could beat them on price. Not for a real cloud service. Still, I don’t know about any cheaper real cloud service in Europe, but there is so many now, so maybe. Still you only pay for what you use, per hour. You always pay for disk and IP, but if you turn off your server, you don’t pay for RAM and CPU. Most other cloud service charge you for all the resources when the VM is turned off, but not IwStack.com

They have now added more locations to the cloud. You can create KVM servers in Milano, Italy and Dallas, USA and you can add XEN servers in their second Milano DC.

The prices starts at €2.16/mo for a 512 MB RAM instance, then you have to add €0.72/mo per 10 GB of system disk you need.You can add instances from 512 MB RAM to 16 GB RAM. They have a really good price calculator that shows you how much your setup will cost.



You can easily create (and destroy) new instances in the control panel. (cloudstack) (see my guide here), but they have also added many of the features in their client portal.




We are talking about Prometeus here, so of course, the service is good. They are unmanaged, so you can’t expect any other support then hardware/network failures, but if they have time, they can help you with allot. But don’t demand it, then you have to go with a managed host (and pay lots more).

Still, in my opinion the service has gone down little since the start. Maybe because they have lots more customers, or because “Uncle Sal” is not so active as he was. I don’t know. Before IwStack was a clear 10/10 host, but now, not a 10 or a 9.

They have also had some trouble with their cloud. And stuff I was told before I sign up would never happen on their cloud service (downtime etc) did happen more the one time. They had a big issue with HA (High availability) that shutdown all the servers, and they did not come on before after some hours. Then the next day or so, they had the same issue, or part of the same issue, and I got more downtime.

I also have to say that it takes very long time to start up a instance or shutdown. Maybe it has something with them being a real cloud service, but when you have to wait 5-10 minutes to start an instance, then it’s no fun. This issue have been there since the start.


This is on their highest plan (16 GB) and the result is good. But on their smaller instances, the result is not so good. Around 1500 on a 4 vcore instance with 2 GB RAM:060214iwstack4


IwStack is not using any SSD or SSD-cached disk, but they are using a Hitachi HUS 150 SAN. As you can see I get a average speed of 450 MB/s.


On my 1.5 years with Prometeus before I changed to IwStack, I had almost 100% uptime on all servers. They had a little issue, and then I was told that it would never happen on IwStack. Still, the last 12 month I have just 99.90% uptime on my three IwStack servers.

Not bad, but not 99.99% either.


Despide the small issues I have had, I still think IwStack.com gives you lots for your money. And you can setup really complex setups there if you need to, with failover, firewall, HA etc etc. They have expanded to the US and added a second DC in Milano with XEN servers.

IwStack.com offers real cloud, and if you don’t know what real cloud service is after reading this review, you don’t need it. The people that know what it is, they are the customers that should take a extra look at IwStack.com

After 14 months of service, I can’t give them 10 of 10 points more. I have to give them 8 of 10. I will also take a break from them (as some maybe have seen, all my servers is off just now). I still have almost €200 in credit, so I will use them again, but for now, I will try out my own dedicated server, and see how that goes.

This is my honest review of one of my favorite hosts out there.

If you want to support my site, please use my affiliate link if you have plans to sign up at IwStack.com: https://www.prometeus.net/billing/aff.php?aff=168

What do you think? Please comment on LET after I have posted the review there also.

12 month review of HostHatch.com


It’s actually more then a year since I saw a good offer on LEB from HostHatch, for a smaller SSD OpenVZ server. I took the offer, and have used the server actively since that.

Please use my affiliate link if you are thinking about signing up, keeps my site running without any ads. https://portal.hosthatch.com/aff.php?aff=204



HostHatch offers servers in three different locations, LA, USA – Dronten, Netherlands, and Stockholm, Sweden. That will cover most of US, and all locations in Europe. They have really good connections, and their servers function very well.

They have four main product line as you can see over. Their OpenVZ and KVM series has all SSD disks. They have a High storage line if you need to store large backup files, and they have their 10Gbps VPS line (in the Netherlands) for any that need really fast connection out/in from their server.

Their lowest OpenVZ plan starts at $8/quarter and their next plan, with 512 MB RAM, 50 GB disk and 2 TB bandwidth, starts at $4/mo. Their KVM line starts at $5/mo, the same with their storage serie. Their 10Gbit plans is more expencive, starts at $35/mo for the smallest plan (1 GB RAM, 75 GB HDD, 5 TB BW).

They are using Intel Xeon E5 3.5Ghz+ CPUs on their OpenVZ and KVM line. And they are using Intel Xeon E3 on their 10Gbit line. So it’s good hardware, the servers is fast, their network is good, and the uptime is great.


Only used their support twice, and both time I got the first reply (not auto) within 10 minutes. First ticket was solved on under 10 minutes also. The second ticket took little longer to solve.

But my impression is that they have pretty fast support, and they do help you. Of course, remember that this is an unmanaged host, so don’t expect the world and that they always replies within minutes, and solve any issue you have.


This is from their $4/mo 512 MB RAM, 2vCores, 50 GB SSD disk and 2 TB BW. Not a high number on the benchmark, but still, it’s only $4/mo so I did not expect the highest result here.


As you can see the DD speed goes over 580 MB/s, but maybe they are using some cache or something, since the first command only gave 296 MB/s.


I have 99.896% uptime on my first server there the last 12 months. Some of the downtime has been me doing some work on the server. But not a complete 10/10 on the uptime there. Still, very close to 99.9% that is the “standard” in the LET marked.


HostHatch is a solid provider, has been that for over 12 months for me. And it’s a bonus for me that they have a DC in Sweden, since I live in Norway. So I can etc. use the VPS for VPN or to fast upload and download files. For users in Europe, a 10Gbit server can give you really good speeds. (but the price is little to high on the 10Gbit line, but still, it’s 10Gbit connection to the world). I would recommend HostHatch to all LET/LEB members and other users that need cheap, but good servers, in the US, Netherlands or in Sweden.

Please use my affiliate link if you are thinking about signing up, keeps my site running without any ads. https://portal.hosthatch.com/aff.php?aff=204

90 day review of VULTR.com


VULTR.com is not very old, but I have been with them since they soft launched their service, and I have to say that they just get better and better for each week. I have now been with them for over 90 days, and here is my updated review of them.



VULTR offer “fake” KVM cloud instances with SSD storage (like DigitalOcean), so you only get some cloud features like hourly billing, quick deployment, many locations etc. Since my last review they have added features such as, Custom ISO files, Multiple IPs (max two extra IPs per server) and snapshot feature.

VULTR similar plans like DigitalOcean, but they have increased their smallest plan from 512 MB RAM to 768 MB of RAM, a 50% increase for the same price as DO charge.

They also charge $3/mo less for the 1 GB plan, and $5/mo less for their 2 GB plan.


As you can see VULTR now has 11 of 12 locations online, thats three times more locations then DigtalOcean has.

VULTR guarantee more then 3 GHz CPUs on all their plans (except their storage plans in NY), so you get fast CPU power on all servers. They offer SSD storage as standard and you get speeds like 3-460 MB/s.

Their hardware seems solid, and using CentOS 6.5 and Virtualmin gives me a really good result. The servers (both France and Netherlands) works really fast.

You deploy new servers within minutes depending on what location you are deploying in. It’s really simple as you can see in the picture over, you only select locations, package, and OS, then your server is online.



Their service is still pretty good. And their support pretty fast.

Since I have been a BETA tester for several of the new features, I have had lots of contact with their support staff, and it’s seems like they have several support staff working for them, and they seems pretty knowledgeable.


Amsterdam, NL






Vultr has good speeds on their servers, except on their Netherlands node there they have reduced speed to just 100 mbit. They have promised to increase the speed again, but the time has come and gone, and no ETA on when they will increase it again.


There was a network issue on my France server some days ago. I had 100% uptime last 80 days or so, but now the uptime is 99.941% on that server.

On my Netherlands node, that is around 90 days old, I have 100% uptime. And on my London server, I have 100% uptime.


If you need a host that can offers lots of locations, rapid deployment and hourly billing, take a look at VULTR.com. They have kept their promise to add lots more features and locations, and they still have more to come. Their servers and networks works really good, with fast servers, and high uptime.

Giving VULTR 8 of 10 points, since they are not offering all features and locations just now. Looking forward to seeing them getting better and better.

Check it out for your self…vultr.com

30 day review of Digital Ocean


When I first started looking at Cloud hosting, I did quickly hear about two services, iwStack.com and DigitalOcean. One month ago I did signup for an account with DO, and have used their Amsterdam 2 DC since that. As always I started with a small VPS plan, to test uptime, network, hardware etc. Here is my review of DigitalOcean.


DigitalOcean is not really a cloud host, but they offer cloud features like pay by the hour, snapshots, templates,  quick deployment, use your credit to create lots of servers, backups, several locations etc. But still, you get a “normal” KVM server. They have no High Availability, no Fail-Over, no Own ISO, no External Firewall with GUI etc like iwStack do.

But still, they have a really good product. It’s super simple to create new droplets, it takes only around 55 seconds before it is online (you get the root password on e-mail). In fact, it only takes around 55 seconds to create a 64 GB RAM, 640 GB SSD disk, 20vCore KVM server! What other host let you do that?

Their prices starts at $5/mo or $0.007/hour. You pay for what you use, and they do only bill by the hour. But they do charge you 100% regardless of your servers is turned on or off. Still, you can create a template, and delete your server, then recreate it later on when you need it, without paying for it. Unlike iwStack.com, they do not charge for template disk space.

I’m normally using a 512 MB RAM , 20 GB disk. 1 TB BW, 1vCore server on their AMS2 DC, paying $5/mo for it. So most of my review is based on this server, with the uptime. But I have done my benchmark test on a 64 GB droplet.




The first (and only) time I used their support so far, it was a mixed experience. I asked them some really short and clear questions, and got BS replies back. But I had stumbled on a little “trade” secret, that the normal support guy did not know (or wanted to reply on). I did not understand why I could not get any reply, after I had repeated my self for the third time. I then tweeted about this issue, and then it took under 10 minutes before I got a reply, both on twitter and on my support ticket. This time from a Support Specialist. I got a really good explanation on my question, and as a really nice thing I got a credit on my account.

I think this is a excellent proof of a good host. I could easily been a situation there I had been very unhappy, just getting strange replies on my ticket, but it was solved very fast. And with a very good outcome for me. 😀

Their response time on “normal” support tickets is around 14 minutes average from my tickets.


I have done one test on Serverbear.com, but it was not done on the same droplets as my own benchmark. On the Serverbear test I got a really low disk speed of 160 MB/s.

The first test is with a 16 GB 8vCore server, and I got a UnixBench result of 2844. I did then run a test on a 64 GB 20vCore server, and the result was: 4226 points. It currently holds the 5.place on my Top20 list. I could not test their 96 GB RAM 24vCore server, they have disabled it on all locations.


I get an average of 445 MB/S on my DD test, and thats not so impressive since they offer pure SSD disks on the nodes. Still, 445 MB/s is not bad, but it’s not Ramnode speeds either. I have seen DO speeds up to over 700 MB/s but I’m sure that was on low load nodes.



Really good connection in the Netherlands, and not so bad speeds all around.


My monitoring services tells me that I have a 100% uptime the last 30 days with 1 minute monitors. I’m using their AMS2 location for my test server.


DigitalOcean is not a complete cloud host, it lack some cloud features like HA, fail-over, firewall etc, but it still is a really good host. Servers is deployed within one minute, you can choose from several locations, templates etc. You can create templates and backups that you can transfer from EU to US and vica versa.

Their servers is really good, you can resize your servers with one click, and their uptime is really good. (the best).

Signup and do a test for your self, I’m sure you will like DigitalOcean as much as I do.


60 days review of INIZ.com


I have used INIZ for 60 days now, after I got a good deal on LEB. My first plan was to use the server for my DNS failover service, but I later on decided that I would only use one host for that, reducing the number of hosts and servers I use. So I paid for a year. 😀


INIZ provides unmanaged service in three locations: Los Angeles, New York and Amsterdam, Netherlands. They offer OpenVZ plans, pure SSD plans and KVM plans. They have plans from $4.93/mo (256 MB) to $19.72/mo (2 GB)

I’m using a LEB special and have a OpenVZ, 4vCores (Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650 0 @ 2.00GHz), 2 GB RAM, 100 GB disk, 2 TB bw plan that I’m paying $46.50/year for ($3.85/mo). I’m using their Netherlands node.

Their prices is not very low, almost $15/mo for a 1 GB OpenVZ server with no SSD is actually some expensive. But, INIZ is a active member on LEB, and often has very good offers, like what I’m using. So always take a look at LEB and the VPS offer section of WHT before you order from them.

I have seen some high load on the node from time to time, but I’m sure INIZ has it all under control, since the load is not seen for any long time.



Not much to say about their support, have not tried it all the last 60 days. But since they made it to place number 3 on the Q4-2013 (and Q3-2013) poll on LEB, and they must have a good support team.

I have not used the server for any live site. I used it for a month or so as a backup server on my DNS failover service. So I replicated my sites every hour to my INIZ server.




My plan is “only” a RAID-10 plan, but I get some good disk speeds here. I must say that I have also seen speeds down to 250 MB/s, but I get speeds over 500 MB/s most of the time.


My monitoring services tells me that I have a 99.949% uptime the last 2 months with 1 minute monitors.



INIZ.com is a good provider with good hardware and network, with great offers from time to time. I have got really much value for my money with them. They do not have much downtime and they are holding their promise of 99.9% uptime.

I have changed my rating system, and INIZ gets 8 of 10 points in this review.


18 month review of Soladrive.com


SolaDrive.com it’s my second fully managed services, and one of the host I normally recommend. I have been using them for over 18 months now. Read more in my review.




SolaDrive.com has really good hardware. They still are number 1 on my Top20 benchmarking list. You get at least a 16 core server (fair share), but they also have 24 cores servers. I’m currently on a Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2620 @ 2.00GHz server
on their UK node using their OpenVZ business plan with 1 GB of RAM and 40 GB RAID-10 HDD.

SolaDrive has three fully managed OpenVZ VPS plan to offer from 1 GB to 4 GB of RAM and three XEN plans, see the above picture for specs and prices. For a fully managed service, their prices is pretty good.

They also offer three locations, Los Angeles, Scranton and the UK.


SolaDrive has excellent service, and are know for it on forums like Webhostingtalk.com. They really takes cares of their customers. They say on their page that support tickets normally is replied on after 10 minutes, but no longer then 60 minutes. I have checked my  last three tickets, and the response time was: 23 minutes, 3 minutes and 4 minutes. Thats a average of 10 minutes, so they don’t lie on their site.




My monitoring services tells me that I have a 99.796% uptime the last 12 months with 1 minute monitors. Most of my downtime has been a result of DDoS attacks on the node or DC. They do promise a uptime of 99.9%, so in this case they have not held their guarantee. 13 hours and 53 minutes of downtime is allot in a year.

Edit: They have changed their UK Data Center around 7 months ago, and after that they have only had 1 hour with downtime. Just wanted you to know that.



The only negative thing about SolaDrive is that they have had allot of downtime on their UK node the last year. (they have later on changed DC, and there has been only one hour downtime since that) But their service is still excellent and their support is really fast. and they have a great product. So I have no problems at all recommending SolaDrive to people needing a fully managed host in the US or in the UK. So I give them four+ stars (of 6) this time.

18 month review of KnownHost

KnownHost is one of my fully managed services, and I think this is the reason why I have not had any issues with them the last 18 months. Read more in my review.


KnownHost is a US based company with data centers in Texas, California and New Jersey. They are using Virtuozzo on their servers, and offer fully managed plans with both Plesk and Cpanel.

Their plans goes from 512 MB of RAM to 5 GB of RAM. With a price of $25 – $90/mo.

I’m using their SSD2 plan with 2 GB of RAM, 30 GB of SSD disk space and 3.000 GB of BW. I’m using Plesk 11 as control panel. The price for this plan is $50/mo and for a fully managed server with Plesk/Cpanel this is a good price.


KnownHost is known for their good service, and I have only positive experience with KnownHost so far. I have used their support once in 18 months, it was because I wanted to update PHP from 5.3 to 5.4. They responded in person within 3 minutes after I opened the ticket, an within 8 minutes the issue was solved. But three minute response time is really good.

Free stuff

The last 18 months, my VPS plan has been upgraded for free several times. I have gone from normal RAID 10 disks to SSD disk. My RAM has been upgraded from 960 MB to 2 GB. My BW has gone from 2.5 TB to 3 TB. And the CPU has been upgraded from Xeon(R) CPU E5645 to Xeon(R) E5-2630.




My monitoring services tells me that I have a 99.994% uptime the last 12 months with 1 minute monitors.



It just works. Almost no downtime, no issues, no need for support. (just me asking for updating PHP) What a perfect host. If you need a fully managed host with Cpanel/Plesk in the US, take a look at KnownHost.com, and I’m sure you will be happy.

8 month mini review of backupsy.com


I’m a backup freak, I have backups of the backups etc, and using lots of money, both on my personal backup and on my VPS servers. I got a backup plan from iperweb.com (Prometeus) with 400 GB of storage, but I wanted some more, and a second VPS backup site. 8 months ago I found Backupsy after a promotion on LowEndBox.

I got a 512 MB RAM, 500 GB plan in the US. I was surprised to see how stable the server and network was, despite it low price ($7/mo). Had almost no downtime at all. But since all of my hosting servers are in Europe, the speed was not the best.

In July 2013 I noticed that Backupsy started selling service from the Netherlands. And thats was perfect for me. Netherlands has great speeds to all my EU servers. The price was little higher ($11/mo) but still, a really good deal.

Since July my uptime (1 minute monitor) is 99.986%. Thats great, for a pretty cheap product.

Some benchmark:


I have around 300 GB stored on the server now, so I have room to store more backups and files 😉

I’m really happy with Backupsy, and think it’s impressing that they have 8 locations to choose from now. 6 US location + Netherlands and the UK. Have not tried their UK location yet, since I don’t need another backup server. But I’m sure it as good as their other locations.

70 day review – Ramnode.com

I have got a new five star host..Ramnode.com. Read my 70 day review here.


Ramnode.com has expanded a lot the last 70 days. They have added new powerful hardware, several new VPS lines, including pure SSD and SSD cached VPS plans. They have added KVM. They have a new DC in Atlanta etc etc. I have tested most of their new servers and Ramnode.com gets high results, and currently has four places on my Top 20 list.

Their plans goes from 512 MB RAM up to 4 GB of RAM, and the price starts at $7.50/mo up to $60/mo. They do also have a small 256 MB RAM plan for $15/Quarterly.


Their service is really good. They are active on WHT, they do send out info mails about scheduled maintenance or other things. One day I got an mail about a DDoS attack on the node I used, but I had not seen any issue, and did not know about the attack. So good info from Ramnode.

I have not opened one support ticket since I signup, so I can’t say anything about their response times etc.


Their network seems very good, fast speeds and my server have 100% uptime. It can’t be any better.


Read my latest Benchmark – Ramnode.com – KVM SSD-Cached VPS

Read my Benchmark – Ramnode.com – Atlanta 1024MB plan (pure SSD)


Ramnode.com has got a new DC, new servers, new technology (KVM) and SSD Cached plans. You get allot for your money. You have the choice between really fast pure SSD plans with up to 966 MB/S disk speeds (DD) and slightly slower SSD cached plans with lot more disk space and disk speeds around 7-800 MB/s.