50 days with Urpad.net

15.01.2014: Urpad.net is not one of my favorite hosts any more. They was sold, and all went downhill, and they closed down all EU servers and moved all to the US.

Today I have been with Urpad.net for 50 days. And it has been 50 good days with only one outage (the reason was a DDoS attack on the node).

I still have two servers with them, one on Iceland and one in the UK. I use a WHT special on both my plans, so I paying $5.99/mo each for 1 GB RAM, 40 GB HDD, 250/500 GB BW.

What amaze me with Urpad.net is their very fast reply time on support tickets. You forget that you are using an unmanaged plan. They have true 24/7/365 support. And if you use Webhostingtalk, they almost instant reply in threads and on PM. They follow up their customers with mails from time to time, so you feel like an important customer.

Urpad.net do not fill up their nodes for so forgetting them and the customers. They are adding new hardware from time to time. Their new servers have got better and better speeds, and now have they also added SSD nodes to their stock. With “insane” disk speeds of 871 MB/s. I have been invited to test their new servers from time to time, and they really take my advice seriously and have done changed to their setup that gains all customers.

I have to add a star in my book, 5 stars but unmanaged. Still, you almost forget that you are using a unmanaged host when you are using Urpad.net

Edit 2014: I have reduced the number of point because they are not the same company that I reviewed back in 2012.