Benchmark of – Multi-core server with 24 cores

Did a benhmark on Vultr multi-core serie and their 24 core 64 GB RAM server, and the result was the highest I ever have seen. 9600.2 points in UnixBench.

Use my aff. link: if you want to try out and they offer $5 in free credit for all new customers.



Of course, this server is not cheap, $600/mo, but at you can rent it by the hour, and it cos $0.90 per hour. So if you need some serious CPU power for some time, but less then a month, this might be the right thing for you.

So they now hold the first and second place on my Top20 list.

Use my aff. link if you want to sign up. They offer a $5 free signup bonus for all new customers.