90 days with Prometeus

It’s now 90 days since I switched my main VPS over to Prometeus.com. Since my first impression review and my 43 day review, there is nothing new that has happened. I have reduced my servers from 4 to three, because I did not need the last server that I only was using for testing. But I have changed my last server from month to month payment over to 6 months payment. It’s a huge peace in the mind that I know all my servers just works and that there is no issues.

I have 100% uptime on all three servers the last 47 days, in fact I have 100% uptime since my first impression review.

No reason to contact support, no reason what so ever to contact them. It’s really nice when things only works, and you don’t have to use any time on problems.

So keep up the good work Mr. Salvatore and Prometeus.com

They still keep their 9 of 10 points in my book.