70 day review – Ramnode.com

I have got a new five star host..Ramnode.com. Read my 70 day review here.


Ramnode.com has expanded a lot the last 70 days. They have added new powerful hardware, several new VPS lines, including pure SSD and SSD cached VPS plans. They have added KVM. They have a new DC in Atlanta etc etc. I have tested most of their new servers and Ramnode.com gets high results, and currently has four places on my Top 20 list.

Their plans goes from 512 MB RAM up to 4 GB of RAM, and the price starts at $7.50/mo up to $60/mo. They do also have a small 256 MB RAM plan for $15/Quarterly.


Their service is really good. They are active on WHT, they do send out info mails about scheduled maintenance or other things. One day I got an mail about a DDoS attack on the node I used, but I had not seen any issue, and did not know about the attack. So good info from Ramnode.

I have not opened one support ticket since I signup, so I can’t say anything about their response times etc.


Their network seems very good, fast speeds and my server have 100% uptime. It can’t be any better.


Read my latest Benchmark – Ramnode.com – KVM SSD-Cached VPS

Read my Benchmark – Ramnode.com – Atlanta 1024MB plan (pure SSD)


Ramnode.com has got a new DC, new servers, new technology (KVM) and SSD Cached plans. You get allot for your money. You have the choice between really fast pure SSD plans with up to 966 MB/S disk speeds (DD) and slightly slower SSD cached plans with lot more disk space and disk speeds around 7-800 MB/s.