7 month review of VULTR.com (updated)


VULTR.com is still not one year old yet, but I have been with them since they soft launched their service, and I have to say that they just get better and better for each month. I have now been with them for over 7 months, and here is my updated review of them.

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VULTR offer KVM cloud instances with SSD storage (like DigitalOcean), so you only get some cloud features like hourly billing, quick deployment, many locations etc. Since my last review they have added features such as, Ipv6 (beta), Private Network, Startup scripts, SSH keys, and they have launched two more locations

VULTR similar plans like DigitalOcean, but they have increased their smallest plan from 512 MB RAM to 768 MB of RAM, a 50% increase for the same price as DO charge.

They also charge $3/mo less for the 1 GB plan, and $5/mo less for their 2 GB plan.


As you can see VULTR now has 14 locations online, thats three times more locations then DigtalOcean has.

VULTR guarantee more then 3 GHz CPUs on all their plans (except their storage plans in NY), so you get fast CPU power on all servers. They offer SSD storage as standard and you get speeds like 3-460 MB/s.

Their hardware seems solid, and using CentOS 6.5 and Virtualmin gives me a really good result. The servers (both France and Netherlands) works really fast.

You deploy new servers within minutes depending on what location you are deploying in. It’s really simple as you can see in the picture over, you only select locations, package, and OS, then your server is online.

They have also launched there Multi core series with 8, 12, 16 and 24 cores and on my Benchmark test on their 8 core server  (the 24 core was not online) I got a result of 5918.9, thats insane high. (see my Top20 list) and I have also benchmarked their 16 core server, with a result at 7698.3, the highest result ever tested here at reviews.myhken.com



Their service is still pretty good. And their support pretty fast.

Since I have been a BETA tester for several of the new features, I have had lots of contact with their support staff, and it’s seems like they have several support staff working for them, and they seems pretty knowledgeable.


Their new multi core series 8 core 16 GB RAM server in New York. Taking the 2.place on my Top20 list.


And their 16 core multi core series with 48 GB RAM:


And their normal (performance series) 2 core 2 GB RAM server:



Vultr has good speeds on their servers, and now they have finally fixed the network speed in the Netherlands, so you get 1 Gbit there also.

There was a network issue on my France server some days ago. I had 100% uptime last 80 days or so, but now the uptime is 99.977% on that server.

On my Netherlands node, that is around 90 days old, I have 99.977% uptime. And on my London server, I have 100% uptime.


If you need a host that can offers lots of locations, rapid deployment and hourly billing, take a look at VULTR.com. They have kept their promise to add lots more features and locations, and they still have more to come. Their servers and networks works really good, with fast servers, and high uptime.

Giving VULTR 9 of 10 points this time. They are getting better and better, and I’m looking forward to see how good they will be in the future.

Please use my affiliate link if you are thinking about signing up, keeps my site running without any ads. http://www.vultr.com/?ref=6802732