40 day review of iwStack.com (Prometeus)


Around 40 days ago, I did made a huge decision, I canceled all my Prometeus  servers that I have had for 1.5 years, and moved my servers to iwStack.com. Of course, iwStack is a part of Prometeus, so I did not change host completely, but I changed from normal KVM servers to cloud servers.

As most LET/LEB readers and WHT members already know, Prometeus.com is known to be one of the best host out there, with no bad reviews at all the last years, and thats impressive, especially in the LEB marked. But of course, the LEB marked is only a small part of Prometeus.


Prometeus.com has always had really good hardware, with  good price policy. And there is no difference with iwStack.com. They have managed to create a really good IaaS KVM cloud system, a real cloud (not like DO) with High Availability, Fail-Over, Live migration, Snapshots, Own ISO and Templates, Isolated Network, External Firewall with GUI, Hourly billing and Variable size. When you sign up for iwStack.com you have to pay €30, that you can use in full on the cloud service. The reason for the entrance fee, is to stop abusers. Since you can create lots of VPS servers (at least 20) when you first get access, they have to protect the service from abusers, looking for free/very cheap servers.

iwStack.com has some really good prices, in fact, I dear you to find any real Cloud service that can compete with iwStack pricing. I have really searched, both in Europe and in the US, and I have not found any host with so low cloud prices, not with all the features of iwStack. You only pay for what you use, per hour. You always pay for disk and IP, but if you turn off your server, you don’t pay for RAM and CPU.

The prices starts at €1.44/mo for a 384 MB RAM instance, then you have to add €1.08/mo per 10 GB of system disk you need.You can add instances from 384 MB RAM to 16 GB RAM. They have a really good price calculator that shows you how much your setup will cost.




You can’t beat Prometeus (iwStack) on service. They are really the best. But, remember, they are a unmanaged host, so don’t expect 5 minute response time on support tickets, or that they will fix issues that has nothing to do with their hardware/network.

But I’m pretty sure that most people using Prometeus know how much extra you get, all the time. From good offers, prices, and support, when you don’t expect it. Thats really give Prometeus the little extra that keep their customers happy, and loyal.

When I moved my servers from Prometeus to iwStack, I had four servers there, and 1 server on iperWeb. Mr Salvatore did transfer all my remaining credit from all servers to my new iwStack account. He did not have to do that, but he did. And thats why I love Prometeus and their brands, you always gets more then you expect.


I used their biggest instance for this test, their Basic-16 GB, 12 vCore plan. The result is 3612 points in UnixBench. Thats around 1600 points better then their 2 GB plan with 4 vCores. It’s also the first time I have a Prometeus (iwStack) server on my Top20 list.060214iwstack4


iwStack is not using any SSD or SSD-cached disk, but they are using a Hitachi HUS 150 SAN. As you can see I get a average speed of 450 MB/s.


Decent network speeds, but not top notch on this test. I’m using a second line test, with all my Europe based servers, and it gets much better speeds then this. All my customers are from Norway, so speed from the US is not so important for me.


My monitoring services tells me that I have a 100% uptime the last 40 days with 1 minute monitors. Uptime has always been one of Prometeus strongest sides, and I do actually expect more uptime from iwStack Cloud service then I did from Prometeus normal servers.


What can I say, if you looking for really good cloud service in Europe, don’t look at any other host. iwStack.com is really the best option out there, and nobody can match their prices. The next on the list (with the same cloud features) takes almost 4 times per month.

Prometeus is a really well know company by now, and you really get the best from them. With iwStack they have outclassed their cloud competition.

So I highly recommend iwStack.