4 year review of FutureHosting.com

After some time at SolarVPS I left for FutureHosting 04. May 2008. The main reason back then was the price. Since I only hosted my private webpages on the server.
Since then I have always used my VPS at FH as my main VPS. I have upgraded it several times, and I have got free upgrades from time to time.

Since I live in Norway, and my visitors is mainly from Norway I have used their UK location. In 2010 they had a lot of problems with their UK DC. It was much downtime, and I was ready to jump ship. But they changed DC and after that all was ok.
I had a fully managed Virtuozzo VPS with Plesk CP (100 domains), 1.4 GB RAM, 55 GB HDD, 2000 GB BW, 7 dedicated IP’s, Future Engineer™ Standard and Business Continuance Protection. I paid $42/month for this, so it was a good price.

I have also always had one backup server, with Plesk and a complete backup of all the sites. The last one and a half year I have used JaguarPC.com. I have paid $20/mo for this (or I have not paid because of a lot of free time after an error from their side). So totally my budged for hosting was around $62/mo.
The last two years I have hosted some few sites from my customers. Only small sites, almost never updated, only info pages, 1-2.000 visitors per day in the summer, a fraction of that in the winter. Still, they pay good money for my services, and they demands good uptime and service.

This year I started looking at new hosts. I wanted to try out VPS with OpenVZ, Xen and KVM. With SolusVM CP and Virtualmin. I have tested several hosts, and after almost 6 months I decided I wanted to switch from FutureHosting and JaguarPC to new hosts. This is now done, and I have my last day with my FH VPS today.
I want to write a detailed review of FH, so here it comes:

I have never seen any big issues with the Hardware FH is using, beside their UK DC problems in 2010. My VPS was a Genuine Intel, Intel(R) Xeon(R)CPU E5620 @ 2.40GH based server.
Their network has been very fast and stable. Still I have had some shorts downtimes on the Network from time to time.
My uptime the last 12 months was 99.882%.
I will give network and hardware a 7/10.

Service / support.
One of the great things about FH is their service and support. They really have 24/7/365 support. Most of the times they replies within minutes on a normal ticket. Still, they can use some time to solve your problem, but they have always solved my problems within the time I think is reasonable.
They have also their Future Engineer™ add-on, who checks our VPS for updates and security issues every week, and sends out a report telling what has to be done. And since I always have used a managed plan, they always offers to do the work, I only have to open a ticket.

Since I live in Norway, I’m working when the US is sleeping. Still, I have always got replies on my tickets, night and day, weekend or not a weekend.

But of course, after four years, I have had some issue with support, that have taken longer time to fix than usual.
I will give service and support a 9/10

FutureHosting.com always have great offers here at WHT. and you get allot for your money. So are you looking for a fully managed plan, with multiple location, and very good support, I will recommend FutureHosting.com

I will give the price a 8/10

Some issues I have had with FH
I have had several bad issues with Plesk, the latest last week. Some of the issues has happened after I have updated the VPS with #yum update (who Future Engineer™ is recommend that you are running on ever report). Some of the issue has happened after FH has updated my VPS.

My VPS have been completely rebuild some times because of this major issues. Not a big problem, since I have the backup VPS from JaguarPC and since I always keep fresh backups of all my sites, databases etc. But it has been time consuming and I don’t like issues with my VPS.

Another big issue, that they never has figured out is high load on the VPS from time to time. Several times when I have tried to update my sites, I have got so high load on the server that the DNSMadeEasy fail over service has kicked in, and used my backup VPS.

Almost every time I have opened a ticket, the load is back to normal before they replies. So they have not located the problem. But it has been so for the last year. Before that I had no tickets on high load.

Overall I still think FutureHosting is a great company, and they have the best support.

I have switch from two companies to three companies now. I’ currently using Prometeus.net/Iperweb, BurstNET and Urpad.net.
I also have some testing servers at xenspeed.net and providerservice.com. Totally I have got 7 VPS for the same price I paid for two VPS at FH and JAG.(actually less) I do not have access to the great support anymore, but still I think I have got a great deal changing host, and that I will get higher uptime now.

And if all fails, I know that I always will be welcome at FH.