30 day review – gridvirt.com

My 30 day review of GridVirt.com

I signup at GridVirt.com because I had heard about their insane I/O speeds. So of course I had to test this out. And everything I had heard was true, they have the best I/O speed of them all.


GirdVirt.com uses hardware virtualized KVM Virtual Private Servers with a SSD RAID setup and multiple 10GBit network backbone. And it’s not hard to see that they uses good hardware. The server is very fast, their network is very good, and all tops of with the insane disk speed from their SSD RAID.

Their VPS plans start with 1 Node plan, and it’s the plan I’m using. This plan offer 4 CPU cores, 1.5 GB of RAM, 20 GB SSD disk, 25 GB NAS, 1 TB BW and a 200mbit port. The price is $40/mo without any promo codes.

When you setup your VPS plan you get the choices of:

  • SSD Configuration: 60,000 4kb Random R/W IOPS, 400-500MB/s Sequential or
  • SSD Configuration: 100,000 4kb Random R/W IOPS, 600-900MB/s Sequential

So you can get the extra disk speed if your site needs it. They take $5/mo more for the best speed.

On their pages they say that they will never put more then 10 users on 1 node, so you will never share the server with more then 9 others. This can be one of the reason why there servers is so fast.


I have had two support tickets in this period. The first one was about my port speed being lower then 200mbit, and the second one was about downtime on my VPS.

They replied back within 14 minutes of my first ticket, and only used 3 minutes before they replied back on my second ticket. So to be an unmanaged host, they do reply fast on tickets.

The quality of the reply has also been good. The port speed issue was past on to their DC, that fixed it pretty fast. The downtime was also a DC issue.


I have only had one outage my first 30 days, but it was a “huge” one, over 40 minutes of downtime. And when my VPS did go down, GridVirt.com pages, including support page also did go down. So there was no way to create any support ticket. The outage was caused by a power distribution unit, and after 40 minutes GridVirt was placed on a backup power distribution unit, and their sites and my server was up again.

More info about the Coloinseattle Tukwila Datacenter power outage can be found here…

Beside this my network is working very good, and i get my 200mbit port speed.


Read my latest benchmark of my VPS at GridVirt.com here…


GridVirt delivers what they promise, incredible fast VPS plans with really high disk performance. And all this for $40/mo. I glad I’m a customer and will stay for a long time. The only drawback for me, is that they only offers servers in USA.

Edit 2014:

Have reduced their numbers of points because they are not selling service anymore.