3 month update on DigitalOcean


It’s now 3 months since I signup with DigitalOcean, and I have to say that I do not regret at all. Their service has been really great, their servers works perfect (I’m using their AMS1 and NY2 DC), their network has 100% uptime last 3 months, so everything is just perfect.

DO is now talking about that their next data center will maybe be in the UK. So thats good new for people that need EU servers.

For you that don’t know what DigitalOcean is, please read my 30 day review here…

In short, they offer “cloud” KVM servers, deployd in a minute, in 6 different data centers around the world. Their prices starts at $5/mo for a 512 MB RAM, 20 GB SSD disk, 1 TB BW KVM server. they do charge hour by hour, so if you destroy a “droplet” you don’t pay for it.



Beside from that there is no much other news from DO. No new features, no more DC, all is the same. Or, they have got a new website then, and here is their first page:



If you click on this link and signup, you will get $10 in free credit. Thats two months of free hosting. Click here for going to DigitalOcean webpages.